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Leighton Beach Dreams

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Another place, another time, swaying in the wind, today you’re mine.

The gateway to my beloved place, past you I often race.

You call you beckon, I stop for a second.

I still need to get down to my beloved ocean

But today is different, just quickly

I’ll capture and admire your motion.

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Drifting, Dreaming, Seeing

seascape photography, australian beach photography, leighton beach

One of the great things about being an artist and seascape photographer is that I get to see things others don’t. People spend so much time simply looking at things and not taking the time to truly see them. Its my privilege to show people there is a whole other world to see if you stop and allow yourself to see it.

I get to take the time to look at everyday objects and ponder what they mean to me? How do they make me feel? Just by asking those two questions alone I get to see what others don’t.

Use your heart to see things sometimes and not your eyes and you will find an amazing new world right in front of you.
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Leighton Beach Sunset

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So far this has been the Perth sunset of the year for me.  I headed out with Paul Pichugin to Leighton Beach and we were just blown away at how intense the sunset was.

The entire sky just lit up with this amazing orange glow and it looked like everything was on fire.   In fact I still can’t get over just how fantastic a sunset it was.

Its days like these when you realise how lucky you are just being alive and being able to see things like this.

I hope you guys it enjoy it.



Seascape Photography

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Evening Stroll

leighton beach, seascape photography, australian photographer

You and I stroll down the beach,

Together, forever, you’re always within reach.

The water as it ebb and flows,

Reminds me our love always grows.


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Passing Front

seascape photography, storm front, perth storm, australian landscape photography

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Easter.  I decided to head out and about to the beach to see what was going on down there.

Well as could be expected it was windy, and the waves were thumping onto the beach with fury.  I love this sort of weather for photography, it can be so dramatic.

I can’t believe the guy in the water was swimming.  Crazy especially since he was within meters of a rip.   I hung around until he got out of the water………. just in case he got into trouble.

Has anyone done anything exciting this Easter so far?


Jamie Paterson

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