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Willie Creek Broome

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Every year when I head up to Broome my oldest son Xavier (3.5yrs) and I hop into the Willie Creek helicopter and go for a blast around the local area.  I have an amazing time taking the photos with him on my lap and he has a blast trying to touch all the buttons.

Fortunately, the pilots have infinite patience with him and they don’t seem to mind, until he presses the wrong button I guess.

I’ve managed to capture good aerial shots before but True North Mark passed on some great advice to me a few months ago when it came to settings so I tried them out and I was really happy with what I captured.  ‘Go high on the ISO son’ he said.

So I cranked the ISO up to 1000 and used TV priority of 1/1000th.  All my shots came out razor sharp!

Now an admission, my last post Lofty Heights wasn’t an aerial shot at all but a lump of salt beside the road.  That’s the great thing about photography, done right we can change people’s perceptions.




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