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Altered Seascapes

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Hi Everyone,

I figured if Christian can have his altered landscapes then I can have my altered seascapes.  On my way down to Pt Perron last weekend I stopped off at lots of little beaches to see what I could find.   There really wasn’t any point to this photo other than, Wow, that is a really big ship so close to the shore and it looked kind of cool.

Watch out for more altered seascapes soon.


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Stormy Weather

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Hey Crew,

As we all saw, today was always going to be an epic day for photography.  I was just bursting all day to get out and about and once the boys went to bed I headed out.  After trying to work out where I wanted to be for ages I looked at the weather radar on my iPhone and saw that the storm was going to hit Rockingham first.  So I headed down to Rockingham and I struck gold.  The clouds were heavy with rain, yet there were still breaks in the clouds to allow the sun to peak through.

Did anyone else manage to get out and capture the storm?



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Point Perron Sunsets

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Hey Crew,

Another favourite shot of mine, this time its Point Perron again and this time I actually standing over the ledge.   Fortunately the waves were really small and didn’t have any strength in them so the camera was safe.  Phew!   I’ll definitely be heading back down there again soon as I managed to pull off at least three shots from this place in a matter of minutes that I was happy with.

Has anyone else shot down here at all?  I know Stephen has.


Jamie Paterson

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Caught In A Moment

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Hi Everyone

Don’t you just love it when a shot comes together?   I headed out and about on Friday afternoon as I just needed some of that good old outdoors fresh air.   After walking up and down the beach I saw this scene unfold in front of me and I just knew I had to capture it.   I started shooting on the beach but before I knew it I was knee deep in the water with my tripod on either side of the crack and I was just enjoying the moment.  Is there anything more satisfying than being outdoors when the sun is setting?   Its hard to beat isn’t?

Hope you all had a great weekend,

Jamie Paterson

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