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Queen’s Bath Kauai

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Queen’s bath in Kauai is a visually spectacular place on the island and definitely worth a visit.  Its extremely popular because of the views that you get from the Queen’s Bath across Hanalei Bay, but also because its a really nice place to swim as well.  Each time I head across to Kauai, I’ll always head down here to have a swim and chill out by the ocean.

It looks calm and inviting here but its typically closed during the winter months, as the path itself is long and very slippery because of all the mud and the huge Hawaiian swells come roaring straight over the baths.  If you think its worth the risk heading down here in Winter, there is a sobering sign at the bottom of the path listing the names of those who have drowned in this location.

On the bright side, in summer this place is probably the best spot to go swimming in Kauai.



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