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Portrait and Beauty Photography – Its all in the eyes


Hi Everyone,

I was browsing through Russell James’s beauty, fashion and lingerie photography work today and I was blown away by his work.  Particularly his beauty work.   Its simple but dramatic and amazing.    His story is really interesting as he is now Victoria Secret’s main photographer yet he is a Perth boy, obviously he has gone a long way!    Anyhow it got me to looking through some of my old work from my previous life as a fashion / glamour photographer and I realised that the photos I liked best were the close up face shots.   Why?   Because you get a great view of someone’s eyes, its cliched I know but it is like your looking into their soul.   If you can capture the eyes accurately you’ve got a fantastic shot.   That’s my rant for the day. 🙂

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Jamie Paterson

Jamie Paterson Photography

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Hottest Chick in Freo

Hi Guys,

As Neal and Kirk mentioned I’m always shooting hot chicks and this was no exception!   There I was just shooting the harbour when this hot model came along and posed for a portrait.  Think she was a little too serious and could’ve smiled as well anyhow, how could I resist?  Perhaps next time she could make more effort with makeup and clothes. 🙂

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Fashion Shoot in B&W

Hello Everyone.   This is from a shoot that I did a few weeks ago, the more I worked with the photo the more I was convinced that it should be in black and white, I think it turned out really well.   This was a really fun night and everything just ticked along like clock work, this was done with just one light as well which made life very easy.    Normally we use four lights and are continually adjusting them.   

Again having Alina as the model made life easy as she just knows how to work the camera.    Anyhow, it was fun and the results were awesome.  Enough said!

Jamie Paterson

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