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Passing Front

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Easter.  I decided to head out and about to the beach to see what was going on down there.

Well as could be expected it was windy, and the waves were thumping onto the beach with fury.  I love this sort of weather for photography, it can be so dramatic.

I can’t believe the guy in the water was swimming.  Crazy especially since he was within meters of a rip.   I hung around until he got out of the water………. just in case he got into trouble.

Has anyone done anything exciting this Easter so far?


Jamie Paterson

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Stormy Weather

stormy weather, perth storm, seascape photography

Hey Crew,

As we all saw, today was always going to be an epic day for photography.  I was just bursting all day to get out and about and once the boys went to bed I headed out.  After trying to work out where I wanted to be for ages I looked at the weather radar on my iPhone and saw that the storm was going to hit Rockingham first.  So I headed down to Rockingham and I struck gold.  The clouds were heavy with rain, yet there were still breaks in the clouds to allow the sun to peak through.

Did anyone else manage to get out and capture the storm?



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