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Beach Pajeros Can’t Reach


Last weekend when I was down south with Kirk and Neal we were driving around and decided to turn down a dirt track.   We drove for about 4 minutes before is started getting a little too rough for their cars, so they transferred all their gear into my car and we continued our trek to nowhere.    It started to get a little rougher and fortunately for us a local stopped to give us some advice about the track getting pretty boggy ahead.   To that person thank you so much!

We kept on driving and got to the boggy section and managed to drive around it using the directions of the local.   After a few more minutes we made it to the beach and were really impressed with what we saw.  I believe we ended up spending around four hours there.    Its a shame the sky was so grey and boring.

On the way home about halfway down the track we came across a Pajero stuck fast in the boggy section and it wasn’t going anywhere.    Kirk and I helped out by trying to dig the car out whilst Neal ensured that one of the members of the Pajero team was safe and sound.   I’m sure she was very appreciative. 🙂

Anyway we couldn’t get them out and they were prepared to camp there the night and wait for a proper 4WD in the morning.   So not only did we get some photos but we had an adventure as well.

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