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Na Pali Cliff Face

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Flying past the Na Pali coast line is such an amazing experience.  Now I love helicopters and I’ve certainly never been a nervous flyer in a helicopter but I don’t mind admitting I was extremely nervous in all but possible the last 15mins of this flight.

We flew in an open door Hughes 500 which is an extremely quick and nimble helicopter and heaps of fun.  What got me though was that as we climbed up the huge mountains we started to get battered around by the winds screaming across the ridges.   It wasn’t a light bit of turbulence we were quite literally thrown around, so much so that at one stage I stopped shooting and hung onto my seat with both hands.   The other awesome part of the ride was that once we made it over the ridge, we’d get a massive shove by those winds which had now become tailwinds and we just rocketed away from the ridge.

It was doubly intense because not only did we shoot past the mountain ridge at speed we did it with a 4000ft drop below us.   The mountains in Hawaii are so steep and don’t have an gentle slopes on them, so one minute you are just making it across the ridge and then the next minute you have a massive drop right below you.

Those helicopter pilots really knew their stuff and were edging deep into canyons and weaving their way right up next to waterfalls.  It was easily the most crazy and exciting helicopter ride I’ve ever had.   If you ever make it to Kauai and you want a new thrill in your life, go for an open door flight past the Na Pali coast line, oh and don’t forget to take some photos in amongst all the excitement.


Jamie Paterson

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Na Pali Coast

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Hi Everyone,

Well the excitement is well and truly started!   Mark has just driven into Fremantle to pick up the keys to the gallery so that we can start hanging our photos in readiness for the exhibition opening on Friday night.   I hope you are all excited as we are.

This photo was taken on my second last day in Kauai and it was really cool to be buzzing around the Na Pali coast in a helicopter.   I must admit though, when we first got to height and started going right up to the canyon walls I started to wonder how much closer we could get, before the blades were going to hit the walls.   I also admit to being white knuckled and grabbing my seat when we went racing over a ridge being only to see there was a 4000ft drop on the other side.

Once we all settled in though it was an awesome flight.  We spent 60min in the air and weaved in and out of lots of nooks and crannies and saw some fantastic waterfalls as well, as always it was a real let down once we had to head home.

From the air the waves are deceptive in their height, the waves crashing into the cliffs were actually close to 20ft in height.

The camera settings I used while in the air were: AV Priority – F8, ISO 400, shutter speed as determined by camera.   I hope you guys like it.

See you all Friday night!,


Jamie Paterson

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