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Lumaihai Beach South Pacific

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In this amazing world I have two spiritual homes.  One is here in Western Australia, at Injidup Beach down near Yallingup and the other is Lumahai Beach in Kaui and I just love to photograph both of them.   They’re both very similar, very uncrowded wide open to ocean swells and to me they contain an element of spiritual healing.  Both of them totally inspire me to concentrate on my seascape photography.

I can sit down at either one of these beaches and instantly my cares fade away and its just me and the ocean.  In fact I have spent hours at both beaches just relaxing without even picking up the camera, which I think is important.   The more time you can spend at a place and learn about its character and quirks the better photos you’ll manage to capture of it.

We should all have a place that inspires us and moves us, one that when we have a photographers block it reignites our passion for our art.  One that we can easily close our eyes and see ourselves there, and feel the sand squishing between our toes, while the wind gently touches our face.  If you learn about a places moods then its so much easier to notice all the finer details of the place that others will miss and you’ll start to capture photos of it, that others just don’t see.

So where is your favourite place to shoot?  One that totally inspires you when other places don’t?   One that is like visiting an age old friend who always brings a smile to your face.  Let me know!



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Willie Creek Broome

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Every year when I head up to Broome my oldest son Xavier (3.5yrs) and I hop into the Willie Creek helicopter and go for a blast around the local area.  I have an amazing time taking the photos with him on my lap and he has a blast trying to touch all the buttons.

Fortunately, the pilots have infinite patience with him and they don’t seem to mind, until he presses the wrong button I guess.

I’ve managed to capture good aerial shots before but True North Mark passed on some great advice to me a few months ago when it came to settings so I tried them out and I was really happy with what I captured.  ‘Go high on the ISO son’ he said.

So I cranked the ISO up to 1000 and used TV priority of 1/1000th.  All my shots came out razor sharp!

Now an admission, my last post Lofty Heights wasn’t an aerial shot at all but a lump of salt beside the road.  That’s the great thing about photography, done right we can change people’s perceptions.




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Cable Beach Reflections

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Some places just really resonate with me.   They tug at my heartstrings, fill me with joy, hope and more importantly leave me breathless with their beauty everyday.

Cable Beach in Broome is certainly one of those places that I never tire of visiting.  I’ve been trying to get my head around why I love it so much.  After all at first sight its just a seemingly simple beach with very few features on it.

I’m beginning to think its not so much the beach that is magic but what Cable Beach means to people that is magical.  Everyday I’d wake up and head down there to see people just strolling up and down the beach obviously very relaxed and just ‘getting away from it all’.   They all appeared truly content and happy.


Sunsets were the best.  People would head down an hour before the sunset with chairs and drinks in hand.  You’d see them making the daily pilgrimage pouring out of the hotels and onto the footpaths, all heading to the beach with one goal in mind.  To experience the most amazing sunset they’ve ever seen.

I think they were rarely disappointed.  You could hear people chattering, laughing and enjoying each others company and the moment the sun hit the water and started to disappear a hush fell over the beach.  People sat and stared and started to contemplate all that was happening within their lives.   They would lie in the water or stand at the waters edge and they all had one thing in common right there in that moment.   Deep and silent reflections.




Jamie Paterson




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Cape Naturaliste

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Hi Everyone,

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This shot was taken just down from a spot on Cape Naturaliste called Other Side of The Moon during Winter, hence the dramatic skies.  Its a small walk to get to but very worth it.  There are heaps of rock formations close to the waterline which makes for seascape photography paradise!


Almost every time I’ve been its been deserted and I’ve had the whole place to myself even though I’ve quite often spent hours photographing the place at any one time.  Get down there and check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.








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Lancelin Sand Dunes

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Hi Everyone,


I’ve moved the blog onto a new domain and I’m really hoping you’ll stay with me.  If you’d like to still get notifications of when I’m posting my photos please place your email address into the subscribe box on the right.  I’ve enjoyed having you guys being part of my growth and I’d love it if you kept getting updates. 🙂


This photo was taken when I was up in the Lancelin sand dunes recently.  One of my friends had just bought a soft roader and was after someone to escort him into the dunes for the first time so I volunteered.  It was heaps of fun and we were treated to some really dramatic clouds.


Of course its been weeks since I’ve been up there and I still haven’t managed to get all of the sand out of the car yet!




Jamie Paterson

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Evening Stroll

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You and I stroll down the beach,

Together, forever, you’re always within reach.

The water as it ebb and flows,

Reminds me our love always grows.


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Summer Days

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Don’t you just love Summer days like these?   When its been hot and humid all day and you just know that you’re going to see an amazing sunset?

I think we all do and of course the best thing about days like these are taking a quick dip in the water once the sun has set to cool down.   I could spend hours down at the beach in the evenings just chilling out.

What about you?  What is your favourite thing to do on a hot summer evening?   After you’ve taken your photos of course.


Jamie Paterson


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Hi Everyone,

I just love this photo purely for the fact that it just radiates warmth.  You can just feel it oozing out of the photo.  There is nothing like the Australian bush.

I hope you guys all managed to get out and about and capture some amazing shots this weekend.




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Smiths Beach

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Hi Everyone,

A few months ago I was down south just walking along Smiths Beach when I came across this scene before me.  It was just a nice secluded part of the world to be in, so of course I had to try and capture it.

I was trying to time it so that I would capture a wave just before it smashed into the rocks so I’m pretty stoked with this shot.

The unusual clouds are what really drew me to this shot.  I hope you guys enjoy it as well.


Jamie Paterson

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Heavenly Clouds

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The other day I’d just walked out of this community hall which was a church after training and I was talking to my instructor.  He asked me what I looked for in a photo and I looked around and pointed up to the roof and said something like that.

I then said my goodbyes and started to walk off.  I’d walked about 20M when I realised that I’d just spotted a really cool shot and hadn’t done anything about it.  In fact I’d even pointed out the shot to someone else and still hadn’t taken the shot.  My head certainly was in the clouds!

I quickly raced to the car, grabbed my camera and ducked back to the hall to ping off a few shots.  I’m really glad that I did.  Its so true that you should always have your camera with you.

Thanks for reading,

Jamie Paterson

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