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Queen’s Bath Kauai

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Queen’s bath in Kauai is a visually spectacular place on the island and definitely worth a visit.  Its extremely popular because of the views that you get from the Queen’s Bath across Hanalei Bay, but also because its a really nice place to swim as well.  Each time I head across to Kauai, I’ll always head down here to have a swim and chill out by the ocean.

It looks calm and inviting here but its typically closed during the winter months, as the path itself is long and very slippery because of all the mud and the huge Hawaiian swells come roaring straight over the baths.  If you think its worth the risk heading down here in Winter, there is a sobering sign at the bottom of the path listing the names of those who have drowned in this location.

On the bright side, in summer this place is probably the best spot to go swimming in Kauai.



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Hideaways Beach Kauai

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve just returned from a trip to Kauai, its my second trip there and it definitely won’t be my last.  In fact I’m back there again in January.  The place is just magic and I feel so at home there, especially living out on the North Shore.  Life is simple there.  Really simple.

This is Hideaways Beach which is just below the Princeville estates.  Its hard to get access to almost impossible in fact.  It makes you realise how lucky we are here in Australia that we can get access to almost any beach without any issues at all.

For me this shot typifies Hawaii, coconut trees, blue skies, and lava rocks.


Jamie Paterson

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Anini Beach

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After almost 12mths in the planning I was finally able to stop off at Kauai, Hawaii on my annual visit to Houston and its something I’ll never forget.  Kauai has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.   Each day I found myself waking up before sunrise of course and wondering what visual delights would unfold before me that day.   I was never disappointed with what I saw at all.   The funniest thing about Kauai for me was all the chickens but that is another story for another time.    On this particular day I caught up with Kauai photographer Scott Tylor and we managed to get to some awesome out of the way places and also managed to meet the ‘Duke’ some whacked out guy who kept telling us he was the island’s best surfer.

This beach is called Anini Beach and people like Julia Roberts and Slyvester Stallone own homes here and for good reason.  Its stunning.  Definitely a place I’d love to take the family back to so that the boys can play and splash in the shallows.    We were just about to leave Anini Beach when we spotted these really cool patterns in the water, we quickly unpacked our cameras and started shooting them for the next 30mins.  Talk about heaps of fun!

What do you guys think of the patterns?


Jamie Paterson

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