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Queen’s Bath Kauai

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Queen’s bath in Kauai is a visually spectacular place on the island and definitely worth a visit.  Its extremely popular because of the views that you get from the Queen’s Bath across Hanalei Bay, but also because its a really nice place to swim as well.  Each time I head across to Kauai, I’ll always head down here to have a swim and chill out by the ocean.

It looks calm and inviting here but its typically closed during the winter months, as the path itself is long and very slippery because of all the mud and the huge Hawaiian swells come roaring straight over the baths.  If you think its worth the risk heading down here in Winter, there is a sobering sign at the bottom of the path listing the names of those who have drowned in this location.

On the bright side, in summer this place is probably the best spot to go swimming in Kauai.



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Hawaii Waters

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This photo was taken on the last day of my last trip to Hawaii, how amazingly clear is the water?   It was a really special day as I’ve been to Hawaii quite a few times but this was only the second time my wife had been there with me and her first trip there with me was almost 10yrs ago.

We spent six days together investigating little bays like this all over the island of Kauai and just jumping into the water whenever we could.  The trip finished all too quickly as they do but we got to see and shoot so much during that time.

I cant wait to get back there again!





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Lumaihai Beach South Pacific

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In this amazing world I have two spiritual homes.  One is here in Western Australia, at Injidup Beach down near Yallingup and the other is Lumahai Beach in Kaui and I just love to photograph both of them.   They’re both very similar, very uncrowded wide open to ocean swells and to me they contain an element of spiritual healing.  Both of them totally inspire me to concentrate on my seascape photography.

I can sit down at either one of these beaches and instantly my cares fade away and its just me and the ocean.  In fact I have spent hours at both beaches just relaxing without even picking up the camera, which I think is important.   The more time you can spend at a place and learn about its character and quirks the better photos you’ll manage to capture of it.

We should all have a place that inspires us and moves us, one that when we have a photographers block it reignites our passion for our art.  One that we can easily close our eyes and see ourselves there, and feel the sand squishing between our toes, while the wind gently touches our face.  If you learn about a places moods then its so much easier to notice all the finer details of the place that others will miss and you’ll start to capture photos of it, that others just don’t see.

So where is your favourite place to shoot?  One that totally inspires you when other places don’t?   One that is like visiting an age old friend who always brings a smile to your face.  Let me know!



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Evening Glow

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Evening Glow::

I was in Kauai and had just finished shooting the sunset at the Na Pali coastline. The breeze was blowing softly with a slight misty rain falling upon my face. It was a beautiful feeling and it was my second last night in Hawaii. I just didn’t think things could get any better.

After walking around the corner back to Ke’e Beach the sky lit up again with this stunning afterglow. Simply incredible!

Its good to be alive and experience these things.



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Kauai Sunset

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Lumahai Beach just screams Hawaii to me and it was a must do photography location for me. It must scream Hawaii to others as well as it was where a large part of South Pacific was filmed in 1958.

The colour of the water is stunning and its surrounding by beautiful green mountains. Despite its tranquil looks in this photo its actually a very dangerous beach and has been nicknamed Lumadie by the locals. Lumahai Beach is normally exposed to really large surf and swell and has really strong rips swirling around it.

I’m pretty stoked the way this photo has turned out. It was my last day in Kauai and it had been raining all day, I really didn’t think I was going to capture anything at all. In fact I seriously contemplated staying at home as it was raining that hard. Well as per usual Kauai turned it on just in time and this amazing scene unfolded before me. Talk about being rewarded for turning up!

I hope you guys enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed taking it.



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Lumahai Beach Sunset

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Lumahai Beach is quite simply one of the most stunning beaches in Kauai and it captured my heart and soul on this trip. So its no surprise that I chose to capture the sunset from my last night in Kauai at Lumahai Beach.

Hawaii sunsets last for ages so I managed to get a number of different angles of this sunset from the beach. Surprisingly, this shot was handheld with high ISO as I was just scouting out my sunset position and had left my tripod on the beach.

Needless to say I went home that evening an extremely happy man. Lumahai had played nice once again.



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