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Simple Things

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I always get so excited when I know I’m heading off to Kauai to do some landscape photography.   Its just such an amazing place to take photos and its so hard to come away with anything but spectacular shots.

The other reason though why I love heading to Kauai is that life just seems so simple there.  Whether that is just my perception or not I’m not sure but most people out on the North Shore just seem to be content to just make enough money to allow them to surf or just chill out.   Time doesn’t really seem to matter there either.   It reminds me of Margaret River in the early days.

So are there any places left like this within a few hours of Perth at all?  If there is, I’d love to know about them.   Preferably by the sea as we all know how important seascape photography is to me.




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Ke’e Beach

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Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, a little while back I was lucky enough to be able to stop off in Hawaii for six days on my way to Texas.   I just love the place so much and I think I could easily live there for the rest of my life.  Its funny because many of the Hawaiians that I talked to just wanted to get off ‘the rock’ and move to the mainland.

I guess the grass really is always greener on the other side!

This is Ke’e Beach in Kauai.   Its at the end of the road that leads out to the Na Pali coast.  If you want to go and see those awesome cliffs in the background you need to walk to them or catch a boat to them in summer.  Its just not possible to get there by boat in winter, I flew in a helicopter to the area and the pilot estimated that some of the waves below us were around 30ft.

Ke’e Beach reminded me of The Basin at Rottnest a little bit because no matter how heavy the seas are, there is always a sheltered swimming spot.  You can see it, its the small patch of green just below the mountain.

Hopefully I’ll get to head back there again soon.   I hope you all had an awesome weekend.


Jamie Paterson

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