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Lofty Heights

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There is something truly magical about being in the air isn’t there?   Its like we are free and not shackled to our daily lives.  For that precious time that we are in the air we are free to soar above the world and see it from a totally different angle.

I’ve been thinking about flying lots lately and I really wish I could have the chance to hop into something like a U2 and fly up to 70 000ft.  The view from up there must be absolutely stunning.




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Awesome Tasmania

Mt Roland, Tasmania, Australian Landscape Photography, fine art landscape photography

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Mt Roland in Tasmania.   I’d seen this mountain when I was in Tasmania in January but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to photograph it as I ran out of time.  In fact I almost ran out of time again on this occasion as I only had 3 hours before jumping on the plane and it had taken me much longer to get to this spot because of ice on the road.    I’m not really sure how we are supposed to drive with ice on the road as I’ve never done it before so I just went amazingly slow on the road.

Mt Roland is really a very imposing feature in the Sheffield area as Mr Tim “Island Images” Wootton will confirm, after all its his home turf.   I’m glad I finally got to shoot it and I’ll definitely have another go at it again when I’m back there in six weeks time.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any hints for what to do when driving when there is ice on the road?


Jamie Paterson

Australian landscape photography

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