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Point Walter Sunset

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Hi Everyone,

Well I was lucky enough to be out and about like Markie Mark and Col of Birds Eye View Photography were on Saturday evening and managed to grab a few shots of the awesome sunset.   What a sunset it was, it was so colourful and it just lasted forever, I was shooting for at least 20mins and even had time to sit back and watch the view as well.   This place is called Point Walter and on a good day you can actually walk right out into the middle of the Swan River.  Pretty cool.

The sunset was that intense I had to use a couple of filters to try and stop it from overpowering the foreground!   All in all it was a fantastic evening and hopefully we’ll have another one soon.

Jamie Paterson

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Same, Same but Different


Hi Everyone,

Went down to Cottesloe Beach last Friday night and caught up with Mel, unfortunately the sunset didn’t fire up and all the promising clouds disappeared just as the sun was setting.  Typical of Perth!    Before we left we thought we’d jump the fence and snap a couple of shots of the south side of the groyne.  I thought it was pretty cool.   I posted this because its a shot of exactly the same spot at exactly the same time but the scene was interpreted differently by Mel and I.   That is the great thing about photography, no one sees the same thing, the same way.

Hey Mel thanks for the great company.


Jamie Paterson

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