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Cradle Mountain Plateau

cradle mountain, cradle mountain national park, australian landscape photography

Hi Everyone,

This is the site I saw from the Overland Track just before I started my last push towards Cradle Mountain.  If you look really hard you’ll see Kitchen Hut right at the base of Cradle Mountain.   In this shot I love the fact that you can see most of Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff in the background.

Was it cold up there?  It sure was, it was around -5 degrees which is pretty cold in my books!   I’d love to return to Cradle Mountain one last time and grab a helicopter and cover it and the surrounding areas from the air as it would be pretty easy to get some amazing stuff.   This is a five image stitch with each shot comprising of two exposures one for the mountain and the other for the sky.

Hope you guys enjoy it,


Jamie Paterson

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Marion’s Lookout

marions lookout, cradle mountain, cradle mountain national park, australian landscape photography

Hi Everyone,

Well by now you all know the story, I did the walk to the base of Cradle Mountain.   Well this spot was taken 2.5hrs into the journey, in fact I was only ever intending to go to this place called Marion’s Lookout and no further.

Why I continued on I’ll never know nor ever regret, I guess I figured I’d come this far, why stop?   Marion’s Lookout really does provide an absolutely amazing view of both Cradle Mountain but also of the surrounding area and I spent quite sometime here just soaking it all up.

Its easy to see why Gustav Weindorfer wanted to spend all of his days here.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Jamie Paterson

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Cradle Mountain

cradle mountain, tasmania, black and white photography, cradle mountain national park, dove lake, australian landscape photography

Hi Crew,

Cradle Mountain, what a stunning piece of the Tasmanian landscape.   I drove past it quite a few times when I was in Tasmania in 1987 but I never had the opportunity to stop and have a look at it unfortunately.  Since then its been burnt on my mind.    I’ve been to Tasmania six times over the years but never as a photographer and finally when I went there in January this year I was lucky enough to spend the night at Cradle Mountain.

It captivated me, it was beautiful, seemingly untouched and still very wild.  It drew me in and I wanted to spend more time there so I planned to stay at Cradle Mountain for 5 days a couple of weeks ago.   It was so much fun.   As I was there for 5 days I got to see the mountains different moods and absorb the atmosphere.   There is a very strong sense of place running through this place.

Its no wonder Gustav Weindorfer lived most of his adult life there.   Well I hope you guys enjoy this photo.   If you ever get the chance to head on over to Tassie make sure you spend at least a few days at Cradle Mountain.

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Guess Where I Am?

cradle mountain national park, australian landscape photography

Woo Hoo.  I’ve made it to Cradle Mountain and here is a little snapshot.   I’ll be off the air for a little while as I hit Cradle Mountain and hit it hard, followed by another photography session of Sydney where I am meeting up with fellow photographers Brent Pearson and Rod Thomas.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and more importantly safe couple of weeks.

Take Care Everyone,

Jamie Paterson

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Cradle Mountain National Park

cradle mountain national park tasmania australian landscape photography

Well here it is, another shot from awesome Tasmania.    After getting some great shots of Cradle Mountain itself I was driving back out of the national park when I saw this cool little stream that was just asking to be shot so I had to oblige.   Just off to the right from centre you can see the tips of Cradle Mountain itself.   This stream was just so nice and it was running past a rustic old mountain hut, which I managed to get some photos of as well.   I know I’ve said it before but I’m definitely going back to Tasmania to try and capture its beauty properly.  I could spend four weeks in Cradle Mountain National Park easily without getting bored.

Cradle Mountain must be one of the coldest parts of Tasmania, after this shoot I went home and even though I had two sleeping bags on I was still really cold.   It was funny the next morning I got up and whilst I was shooting I met a local photographer.   I told him I couldn’t believe how cold it was and he said he thought it was really warm!   Anyhow I hope you guys enjoy this photo.  I’m really proud of it.

Did anyone manage to capture the sunset tonight (Sunday) it was another amazing sunset.

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