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Cottesloe Beach Clouds

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What more can I say?  I just love shooting Cottesloe Beach.  Probably because I spent a lot of my youth there and there is probably some truth to the rumour that I may have undertaken one maybe two Sunday sessions at the nearby hotels. 🙂

What really struck me about Cottesloe on this particular day was the different levels and colours of clouds.  It was like Pro Heart had just loaded up a paint gun and splatted the sky with white. !

Hope you guys all enjoy it.  🙂



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Pay To Photograph At Cottesloe Beach?

Cottesloe Beach, Cott, australian landscape photography

Can you believe it?   Soon there is a chance we might have to pay to take photographs like this at Cottesloe Beach?   Click on the link if you don’t.   I must admit I stayed pretty quiet about Ken Duncan’s campaign to tackle the requirement of permits at certain areas over East and I certainly never thought we’d be facing the same issue here.   All I want to do is go and take photographs at places like this and not be made to feel like I’m doing something wrong.

What can we do about it here in Perth?


Jamie Paterson

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Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach, Cott, australian landscape photography, seascape photography, fine art landscape photography

Hi Crew,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend.   Have I jumped on the black and white bandwagon with this shot?  Certainly not!   I see things in colour and in the past have converted the odd photo to black and white when the composition and light was good but the colour wasn’t.

In this case though I always saw this Cottesloe Beach shot in black and white for some reason, perhaps its because of Brett Morgan’s latest photos.  Either way I’m glad I saw this one in black and white as it really works.  Now should I rock Mark’s boat and do a third post for the day?  I think so.


Jamie Paterson

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