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Hobart Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania Constitution Dock Australian Landscape Photography Mount Wellington

Not sure what WordPress has done to this pic to make it look soft in the small version, but if you click on the photo and view the large version its sharp.

Ok, all jokes Tasmanian jokes aside, Tasmania rocks!   I am definitely going back again this year to cover it in more detail.   I could’ve spent days in Hobart itself just taking photos alone.   This was the view that I was presented with my first morning in Tasmania and I was just blown away by it.   I was hoping for mirror like reflections in the water and to have Mount Wellington light up like it did was just a bonus.    This particular morning I also managed to get over to Salmanca Place and captured some pretty cool shots from there with Mount Wellington in the background as well.   Tasmania, a landscape photographers dream.

Hopefully Tim from Island Images will approve of this shot. 🙂

As always for those who are curious:

Aperture – F22

ISO 50

Shutter – 1/4sec

The roads are so steep and have so many corners that I think if I moved to Tassie I’d buy a WRX or EVO just to deal with the corners.    To give you an idea of how hard it is to get around on the West Coast, it took us almost 3hrs to travel 70kms around the Queenstown area.

Has anyone else considered a trip to Tassie and what areas did you think of shooting?

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Jamie Paterson

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Tasmanian Tallships

Tasmanian Tall Ship Masts

Hi Everyone,

This shot was taken my first night in Hobart.   As I was walking around there was at least four tallships there and they looked awesome in the setting sun.    It was a magical evening, walking around the Hobart docks with these ships was like being in a timewarp.   You could almost imagine the hustle and bustle of Constitution Docks way back then.   I walked around for ages shooting old fishing boats, cray pots and rusty boats.   The other thing that was really cool was that everyone was just so friendly and willing to help.   Thanks Hobart you were a landscape photographers dream!

For those who like to know:

Aperture – F11

ISO 200

Shutter – 1/250sec

Has anyone else been down to Hobart at all?   Anyone got plans to head down there?


Jamie Paterson

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