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Cable Beach Reflections

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Cable Beach Reflections::  Cable Beach would have to be another firm favourite in places to visit.   It is quite simply amazing to watch the end of the day on this beach.   As the warm tropical sun sets it nearly always throws up a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours each and every evening.

I was lucky enough on this evening to be walking along Cable Beach just relaxing when I saw the water the reflecting the clouds and I had to capture it.  I’m glad that I did and working on it brings back great memories of that evening.



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Weekly Photography Challenge

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Weekly Photography Challenge::

Every week I try to set myself a photographic challenge to make sure I don’t become complacent with my photography.  Something that will help me extend myself either with my camera, photoshop, business skills or artistic vision.

This week I’m going off to the State Art museum to look at landscape paintings from the late 1800s to study how the masters back then used light and detail to their advantage.  These guys were amazing at ensuring your eye fell to exactly where they wanted it and in being able to tell a story with a single image.  Its a lesson I’m sure many of us could and should learn.

What do you do to extend yourself?




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Cable Beach Sunset

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I’d packed up all of my photography gear and had finished with this sunset for the night.  I was heading back up to the carpark as quickly as I could as I was running late for dinner.  Imagine the dilemma I faced when I saw this shot unfold before me.

Miss the shot or be late for dinner?  Well there was just no way I was missing this shot.   Sorry Melissa!

Its one of the reasons why I love being in Broome and shooting on Cable Beach.  The sunsets are just so intensely red and they last for ages.  I’m so used to Perth sunsets where the light is only good for a few minutes at most.

Normally this sort of shot would be totally boring and cliched but I think the foreground in this shot is simply awesome.  Its complex and crazy.

I hope you guys like it as well.



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Cable Beach Reflections

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Some places just really resonate with me.   They tug at my heartstrings, fill me with joy, hope and more importantly leave me breathless with their beauty everyday.

Cable Beach in Broome is certainly one of those places that I never tire of visiting.  I’ve been trying to get my head around why I love it so much.  After all at first sight its just a seemingly simple beach with very few features on it.

I’m beginning to think its not so much the beach that is magic but what Cable Beach means to people that is magical.  Everyday I’d wake up and head down there to see people just strolling up and down the beach obviously very relaxed and just ‘getting away from it all’.   They all appeared truly content and happy.


Sunsets were the best.  People would head down an hour before the sunset with chairs and drinks in hand.  You’d see them making the daily pilgrimage pouring out of the hotels and onto the footpaths, all heading to the beach with one goal in mind.  To experience the most amazing sunset they’ve ever seen.

I think they were rarely disappointed.  You could hear people chattering, laughing and enjoying each others company and the moment the sun hit the water and started to disappear a hush fell over the beach.  People sat and stared and started to contemplate all that was happening within their lives.   They would lie in the water or stand at the waters edge and they all had one thing in common right there in that moment.   Deep and silent reflections.




Jamie Paterson




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Cable Beach Reflections

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Funnily enough this would have to be one of my most favourite photos of the year so far.  Why?

Well because even though its not an intense sunset I can really relate to it because of the two ladies standing there staring out at the sunset.   I see in them the feelings that I would feel if I was standing there right now.   I was going to remove me them, but because they are there its easier to relive the feelings of an amazing Broome sunset.

Seeing them there invokes within me the feelings of contentment, amazement and joy.  Would you have left them in the photo as well?

I hope you guys enjoy the photo.   I’d love to hear your comments on it.



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Broome Fireworks

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I wish I was here right now!   Nice and warm with a nice cold beverage of some description in my hand.   When I took this photo it was a nice 28 degrees with not much humidity.

I must head back up to Broome again soon.   I wonder what sort of sunsets it gets during summer.

To get this shot I used the 17mm TSE lens which is just pure magic and I blended a couple of photos together in Photoshop using some photos that had been taken at two different exposures.  One for the sky and one for the foreground.  I think it worked do you?


Jamie Paterson

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Cable Beach

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I really need to get back up to Broome again and capture some more of these sorts of sunsets.  I wonder what it would be like during summer, the storms would be absolutely amazing.

Of all the great shots I have taken this year, they were all from Broome.  I just seemed to click with the place, but from what I hear I’m no exception. Everyone seems to have their own personal Broome Time story.  What is yours?


Jamie Paterson

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Cable Beach Drama

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Now this is what I call drama!   On our second last day up at Cable Beach we knew that a storm was coming in and that it was going to be a big one.   Well the weather guys got it right, it was a big storm but the best thing about it was that it took hours to build.  So we had plenty of time to capture it before heading inside to escape the rains.

It was a fantastic feeling just standing there on the beach watching it build up, knowing there was little we could do but stand there and watch in amazement.

I’d love to head up there just before Cyclone season to capture more of these sorts of shots but I certainly wouldn’t want to be there during a cyclone!

I hope you enjoy it,


Jamie Paterson

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Crazy Cable Clouds

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Some Moments Change Your Life For Ever:

This would have to be one of the craziest sunsets I have ever had the privilege of capturing.  Mother Nature at her absolute finest and mosst erratic. 

This is one of those sunset that you just know are going to be awesome, hours before it even happens.  You know one of those ones that you can just feel?

I headed down to the beach at least 1.5hrs before the sunset because I just couldn’t stay away from Cable Beach any longer.   I hopped out of the car and literally ran down the stairs and dare I say it almost hopped all the way down to the water line.

The excitement was just running through me and I felt charged.   Slowly but surely this amazing and crazy sunset started to appear before me, I felt like a sniper.   I had one chance at this, the next day I was on a plane back to Perth, so I had to be sure and steady and ensure all my gear was working.

With such an important shot there was never any doubt that the Canon 17mm TSE was going to be my weapon of choice.   I pulled it out, stuck it on the camera and started to bang away.   In the end, the sun fell away behind the clouds and that was it.  I was able to go home knowing that I had captured a really awesome sunset.  One that had the craziest clouds that I had ever seen.   My mission was complete.


Jamie Paterson

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Cable Beach Surf

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Hi Everyone,

From the very first moment I stepped foot on Cable Beach I was fascinated with the perfectly breaking waves on the beach.  They certainly weren’t big, though people were surfing them with large surfboards, but they broke perfectly, and made great subjects.

I’ve taken a couple hundred shots of the waves up there but I really liked this one because there was just so much drama in the clouds.  Also the overcast conditions really enhanced the beautiful colour of the water.

I genuinely really miss Cable Beach.  There was nothing more relaxing than just wondering up and down the beach and capturing it in its many different moods.   Someday we’ll catch up again.


Jamie Paterson

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