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Cable Beach Sunset

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I’d packed up all of my photography gear and had finished with this sunset for the night.  I was heading back up to the carpark as quickly as I could as I was running late for dinner.  Imagine the dilemma I faced when I saw this shot unfold before me.

Miss the shot or be late for dinner?  Well there was just no way I was missing this shot.   Sorry Melissa!

Its one of the reasons why I love being in Broome and shooting on Cable Beach.  The sunsets are just so intensely red and they last for ages.  I’m so used to Perth sunsets where the light is only good for a few minutes at most.

Normally this sort of shot would be totally boring and cliched but I think the foreground in this shot is simply awesome.  Its complex and crazy.

I hope you guys like it as well.



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