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Cable Beach Reflections

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Some places just really resonate with me.   They tug at my heartstrings, fill me with joy, hope and more importantly leave me breathless with their beauty everyday.

Cable Beach in Broome is certainly one of those places that I never tire of visiting.  I’ve been trying to get my head around why I love it so much.  After all at first sight its just a seemingly simple beach with very few features on it.

I’m beginning to think its not so much the beach that is magic but what Cable Beach means to people that is magical.  Everyday I’d wake up and head down there to see people just strolling up and down the beach obviously very relaxed and just ‘getting away from it all’.   They all appeared truly content and happy.


Sunsets were the best.  People would head down an hour before the sunset with chairs and drinks in hand.  You’d see them making the daily pilgrimage pouring out of the hotels and onto the footpaths, all heading to the beach with one goal in mind.  To experience the most amazing sunset they’ve ever seen.

I think they were rarely disappointed.  You could hear people chattering, laughing and enjoying each others company and the moment the sun hit the water and started to disappear a hush fell over the beach.  People sat and stared and started to contemplate all that was happening within their lives.   They would lie in the water or stand at the waters edge and they all had one thing in common right there in that moment.   Deep and silent reflections.




Jamie Paterson




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