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Gates of Hell

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Hi Everyone,

After driving around almost constantly for 2 days with Paul Pichugin I thought that we were done with taking photos.  I was shattered and just wanted to get home as were were still 2.5hrs away from Perth and it was late.

We hit the Balingup Nannup Rd as it was the quickest way home and as we did Paul turned to me and said ‘You know I’ve never managed to drive down this road without stopping for a photo”.  It was pitch black out there, surely there were no photo opportunities this time?

Well we drove around a corner and saw this amazing glow coming from up in the hills.  It was so intense that I really felt like I was staring directly into hell itself.  So Paul was right, we didn’t mange to make it down the road without stopping for a photo!



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Cows On A Hill

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Right, not to be outdone by the movie title Snakes on a Plane I decide to release this photo ‘Cows on a hill’.

I took this about five to six weeks ago when I went for a quick tour of the South West.   I went for a drive from Ballingup to Nannup via the rather obvious name of the Ballingup to Nannup Rd.

It was such a joy to drive down that road.  Very windy and very scenic with heaps of photo opportunities.  It took me 2.5hrs to cover what is normally a 30min trip I was having that much fun.

If you’re in the area make sure you drive down this road, you won’t be disappointed at all.


Jamie Paterson

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