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Swan River Reflections

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Art like life is a reflection on the amount of effort we put into it.  The more effort we put into our art the better we get at it.  Its quite often that simple!

I’d been shooting for six months and was wondering just why I wasn’t getting the sorts of photographs that others were getting.  It was consuming me, why wasn’t I able to consistently capture great sunsets and sunrises?

Fortunately, I had my first light bulb moment soon after.  It came to me via a discussion with a fellow photographer, we’d both headed down to Dunsborough in Western Australia to attend a course by Christian Fletcher.  I  wanted to improve my seascape photography and the other photographer wanted to learn how to stitch larger images together.

Well, here comes the light bulb moment.  It took me 2.5hrs to drive from Perth to Dunsborough whereas it took the other photographer 7hrs.  I just laughed and asked if he walked down.  Well the joke was on me, after the course I drove back up to my house and check out his website.  It had stunning image after stunning image on it.  I was totally blown away!

Finally, I realised that I needed to spend more time actually taking photos.  The more photos I took the higher my chances of being in the right place at the right time increased.  So since that moment I’ve dedicated as much time as possible chasing that illusive magic light and guess what?  My images improved out of sight.

So…. art like life is a reflection on the amount of effort we put into it.

What was your light bulb moment?


Jamie Paterson

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Milky Way Kaleidoscope

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Its been an amazing and fantastic year!   There was a trip to Hawaii in October and I have another planned in the next few weeks.  I’ve had trips down in the Great Southern and up North and out East as well.  Mostly by myself but also with some special people such as Paul Pichugin.   Photography is a long and challenging journey and this year has certainly been challenging artistically.   I’ve tried to push myself so much further than before and I think its starting to pay dividends.

I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing and most importantly safe holiday season and I look forward to catching up with you all in 2013 either out there on the beach or at one of my two exhibitions!


Jamie Paterson

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Big Brook Dam Pemberton

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A few weeks ago I managed to head down to Pemberton for a family weekend away and was joined by a very close friend as well.   Pemberton is one of those towns that I’ve driven through heaps and never really been captivated enough to stop and have a look around, despite the amount of great photos that I’ve seen come from the area.

For some inexplicable reason I was really motivated to take a trip out to Big Brook Dam and it was certainly worth it.  What caught my eye in this scene was all the different reflections, colours and dare I say it serenity of the moment.   Just being able to see straight into the bottom of the lake was fantastic.  About 5 mins after this shot was taken the morning wind picked up and ripples formed across the water wiping out all the reflections.  Talk about good timing.

So I’ll definitely be heading back down to Pemberton again especially in Winter, I can already see some frosty, foggy forest shots coming up!



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Midddle of Nowhere

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After a three hour drive to get away from Perth’s light pollution I ended up here and was totally blown away with just how many stars I could see.  I was able to see at least 30% more stars here than when I headed out to capture milky way shots with Paul Pichugin a few months ago.

I was trying out a new camera for the first time as well and the ISO sensitivity was unbelievable!   On one of my shots I kept getting an orange cast and I couldn’t work out why, after looking around it was a tiny orange light about 150M away that was illuminating a letterbox.

Eventually, I had to move on as Farmer Bob was swinging a spotlight around in one of the fields which didn’t bother me too much until I heard rifle shots.  I wasn’t sticking around to be mistaken for something that shouldn’t have been there.





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Leighton Beach Dreams

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Another place, another time, swaying in the wind, today you’re mine.

The gateway to my beloved place, past you I often race.

You call you beckon, I stop for a second.

I still need to get down to my beloved ocean

But today is different, just quickly

I’ll capture and admire your motion.

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Windy Harbour

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Have you ever had one of those days that were just perfect? This photo was taken on one of those days down in Windy Harbour, which happens to be one of the prettiest spots I’ve ever seen on the South West coast.  I had my family with me, my two boys were running through the water and my wife, my beautiful, glorious wife was just glowing in the sunshine.

My best friend was there just contemplating life as well. I’m a lucky guy.

This photo will remind me of that day for ever. I am so grateful.  It was also taken on my brand new camera, I have to admit I didn’t want to stop shooting with my Canon 1Ds MkIII but this new one quite literally blows it out of the water.



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Big Brook Dam

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I’ve just had an amazing weekend.   The Paterson family headed on down to Pemberton and just chilled out for a few days. Of course I couldn’t resist taking a few photos so we headed off to some pretty cool locations.

This was Big Brook Dam in Pemberton. One of the great things about shooting at locations like this are the reflections in the still water. I can’t wait to head back here in Autumn and start capturing some amazing colours in the water.

What do you guys think of it? Can you see the weeds growing in the water?



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Sydney Harbour Boats

australian landscape photography, seascape photography, australian photographer‘Nice? It’s the ONLY thing,’ said the Water Rat solemnly, as he leant forward for his stroke. `Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING–absolute nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing,’ he went on dreamily: `messing–about–in–boats; messing—-‘ The Wind in the Willows

I love boats, not sure why and I don’t try to understand it. I just know that I love them. Each one has its own character and can tell their own stories. They bring us joy and allow us to spend time on the ocean and the freedom that she brings.

They allow us to float on another world and it seems that our cares often float away when we’re in that other world.

I love boats.

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Liquid Thunder

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I decided to duck out the other night as the weather was quite nasty which often makes for interesting seascape photography. It was tempting to not get out of the car as the wind was extremely strong and blustery and there was sea spray being thrown up soaking the coastline.

As with all things photography you’re often rewarded when you make the effort and I was able to get this shot that conveys the ‘mood’ of the ocean. What do you guys think of it?

To achieve this look I set the camera to TV Priority, ISO50, 1sec shutter speed.



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Speed of Light

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Last night I had the distinct pleasure of catching with Tina Bartley and Kelvin Robertson for dinner and a shoot just South of Mandurah. Though we were there to shoot the infamous ‘Cones’ I just couldn’t help but look up at the stars. I had to capture them.

After trying to avoid any cars in the shot I thought it would be cool to have them in there. I just had this whole speed of light concept going on in my head so I thought the stars and the cars would go together just nicely and they did.



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