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Daybreak Dream

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This image is extremely special to me.  Why?  Its the first time in my travels to the Stirling Ranges that I’ve truly been able to capture clouds at Bluff Knoll.

Seriously up until now it seemed like I was going to be the only photographer to have not personally seen clouds at the Stirling Ranges!   I was just so overjoyed when I woke up in the morning and drove up to Bluff Knoll to see this unfold before my eyes.

It just goes to show that with photography you need to persist and keep trying to get the shot that you visualised no matter what.


Jamie Paterson

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Bluff Knoll Bonanza

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What can I say?  This is the only time that I have ever seen clouds at Bluff Knoll (I did see 5mins worth of cloud with Mark but it was very fleeting).   It seems like ever time I head on down there they disappear for days.

I think I’d almost guarantee that if went down there in the middle of winter it would be cloudless!

Anyway on this particular morning I got very lucky and the sunrise was really intense and bathed the entire area in a beautiful orange glow.  It was sensational.


Jamie Paterson

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Shelly Beach

This is my new favourite place in WA.  Its called Shelly Beach, its 40mins out of Denmark and its simply a stunning beach.  I took another shot of it from a lookout which I’ll post later.   I was just struck with this place the moment we drove down to it and you have to drive down along the cliff face to get there.  The surf was great though I doubt I woud ever try surfing there, as I think a few massive bities might be lurking near by.  This is my first draft of the photo, but I like how its shaping up.

Jamie Paterson

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