Midddle of Nowhere

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After a three hour drive to get away from Perth’s light pollution I ended up here and was totally blown away with just how many stars I could see.  I was able to see at least 30% more stars here than when I headed out to capture milky way shots with Paul Pichugin a few months ago.

I was trying out a new camera for the first time as well and the ISO sensitivity was unbelievable!   On one of my shots I kept getting an orange cast and I couldn’t work out why, after looking around it was a tiny orange light about 150M away that was illuminating a letterbox.

Eventually, I had to move on as Farmer Bob was swinging a spotlight around in one of the fields which didn’t bother me too much until I heard rifle shots.  I wasn’t sticking around to be mistaken for something that shouldn’t have been there.





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