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Pre Xmas Shoot?


HI Everyone,

Who is up for a pre Christmas Shoot?   I’d certainly like to catch up with you all before the end of the year comes upon us.   Is a shoot a good idea or should we all just turn up to a spot with a few beers?   I thought we could turn up to somewhere like Kings Park or Fishing Boat Harbour where a number of us could squeeze into with cameras if we so choose.   Anyhow I’m open to ideas.  If you’re interested let me know. :-)


Jamie Paterson

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Spool’s Secret Revealed

I’m sure many of you out there are wondering how Neal of Spool Photography manages to consistently produce brilliant photos.   Well I know can now exclusively show you how.   This is Neal hard at work creating his latest masterpiece, now that you all know how its done feel free to use this secret technique. 😉


Roll Up Roll Up – 4th October – 3pm @ Fremantle

Hi Everyone,

Neal from Spool Photography and Kirk of Kirk Hille Photography and I would love to catch up with everyone next Saturday the 4th of October in Fremantle at the E Shed Markets, we should all congregate on the verandah halfway along the markets facing the quay.   We thought we could all catch up and have a coffee  and have a meet and greet sessioin before taking a stroll around Fremantle ‘scouting out’ new photo opportunities.   There are just so many in Fremantle. :-)

Anyone interested?


Jamie Paterson

X Man Photos

A small photo of Xavier asleep in his hospital cot.   So far he has been a dream, sleeping all night and very rarely crying.   Is this the calm before the storm?   Fingers crossed that its not.  :-)   Melissa and Xavier should be home on Saturday so I’m really looking forward to that.

Jamie Paterson

Oh What a Feeling!!!

My son arrived yesterday at 5:03pm after a 5hr labour.   He came in at 8 pounds exactly.   More news and pics to follow, but now I believe all the dad’s it is truly and amazing experience.

Jamie Paterson

Fast Escape!!!

So I blame Spool Photography for my latest bad luck.  After he wrote a post about how does eveyone back up their photos I started to see some funny things happening with my brand spanking new laptop.   Like a true IT professional I ignored it for about a week, but the past few days things were getting worse and worse.   Yesterday I did a Family Portrait for some good friends and at the end of the shoot copied all the files across to the laptop and then couldn’t open Photoshop.  I already back up everything on a ‘regular’ 3 monthly basis so I ran off and grabbed the external USB hard drive that I had for backups.   5 mins after the back up completed the hard drive in the laptop died a miserable death. 

Talk about lucky!!!

Jamie Paterson

For Sale – Canon EF Extender 2x

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to part with my Canon EF Extender 2x.  This extender effectively doubles the focal length of your lens, I’ve only used it once so its essentially brand new.   Current retail price for one of these is $450.00.   If you’re interested please email me.

Jamie Paterson

Denmark Views

This is the view Melissa and I woke up to this morning.  Walked out on to the balcony and had to take a shot.  Simply stunning.

On another note, I’m really intrigued as to why I’ve got those stripes across the sky.

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Woo Hoo!!! My Singh Ray Filters are on their way.

For anyone who wants to follow their progress:

Enter the tracking number – 965202455155

I can’t wait.

The Illustrious and Intrepid Landscape Photographers – Neal and Kirk

Here is a short video of Neal and Kirk crossing a small creek at the bottom of a waterfall that we encountered this weekend.  I was taking the video and wisely decided to go last. 😉

Jamie Paterson

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