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Cable Beach Sunset

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I’d packed up all of my photography gear and had finished with this sunset for the night.  I was heading back up to the carpark as quickly as I could as I was running late for dinner.  Imagine the dilemma I faced when I saw this shot unfold before me.

Miss the shot or be late for dinner?  Well there was just no way I was missing this shot.   Sorry Melissa!

Its one of the reasons why I love being in Broome and shooting on Cable Beach.  The sunsets are just so intensely red and they last for ages.  I’m so used to Perth sunsets where the light is only good for a few minutes at most.

Normally this sort of shot would be totally boring and cliched but I think the foreground in this shot is simply awesome.  Its complex and crazy.

I hope you guys like it as well.



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Leighton Beach Sunset

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So far this has been the Perth sunset of the year for me.  I headed out with Paul Pichugin to Leighton Beach and we were just blown away at how intense the sunset was.

The entire sky just lit up with this amazing orange glow and it looked like everything was on fire.   In fact I still can’t get over just how fantastic a sunset it was.

Its days like these when you realise how lucky you are just being alive and being able to see things like this.

I hope you guys it enjoy it.



Seascape Photography

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Cottesloe Pylon Gone………….. For Now

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just read in the West Australian that the Cottesloe Pylon has been knocked down overnight due to the wild weather we are having.    Time to get some different landscape photos of Cottesloe. 🙂


Jamie Paterson Photography

E + SR (-3wks) = Happiness

What is Everyone up to this Weekend?

Hi Everyone,

So the Easter long weekend is upon us.  I hope you all have a safe and photographically rewarding weekend and I can’t wait to see the results of everyone having four days off to take photos.   This weekend will see me down at Trigg Beach tomorrow morning around 8am and probably at another beach location for an early morning shot prior to that.   I may even head up to the hills for an afternoon of shooting over the weekend as well.

Have a great weekend,

Jamie Paterson

Spyder2express Serial Number

Hi Crew, Does anyone have a Spyder2 Express? I’ve lost my cd and need a serial number to install the new software.  If you have it can you email me the serial number?


Jamie Paterson

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Hi Everyone,

Melissa, Xavier and I wanted to wish you all a fantastic, and safe Christmas and Happy New Year.   It has been a fantastic year photography wise and family wise.   In 11 short months I’ve managed to connect with an absolutely brilliant community of photographers and its been a privilege to catch up with you all.    Its been a great personal photographic journey this year and many of you out there have accelerated my journey.   So thank you.   Some of you have produced such incredible work that has astounded me and I’ve been grateful that you would share that work with us.    So thank you.

To those of you who have provided comments, advice and a gentle guiding hand via this site.  Thank you.    I can only imagine what awaits photography wise in 2009.   Now for my Oscar speech. 🙂   I’d like to credit Christian for the inspiration he has provided many of us, and especially for being so open and genourous in his knowledge and support.   I’d also like to thank Neal and Kirk for putting up with me week in and week out, while crawling down cliffs and getting lost in National Parks when temps were near 10 degrees, for sharing your shooting tricks and locations.   You guys have certainly opened my eyes to what is possible and pushed me hard, very hard.    I look forward to more shoots in 2009.    Dylan thanks for the almost daily updates at times of extremely high quality work.   Mel thanks for making me laugh whilst on location.   Flemming thanks for sharing your knowledge and your honesty.   Thank you to the rest of you who commented and let me know that at times I was doing something right, you all made it worthwhile.   Mostly I want to thank Melissa and Xavier for being so patient with me drifting off at all hours of the day to capture ‘the shot’, without your support and understanding none of this would’ve been possibe.    So bring on 2009!!!!

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays,

Jamie Paterson

And the Location is……………………Cancelled.


Hi Guys due to lack of numbers this event is now CANCELLED.     We’ll all catch up in the new year I’m sure. 🙂

Bennion Beach.    For those who haven’t been there before its a pretty cool little beach with lots of rocks to photograph when the sun starts to set.   There is parking both at Bennion and at the North end of Trigg beach.   So is everyone in?   I’m there for sure.   Don’t forget we should be there around 6:30pm.

Look forward to catching up with everyone.

Jamie Paterson

Sunday Evening Christmas Spectacular – 14th Dec 2008 @ 6:30pm


Well its that time of the year for our annual Christmas Photography Spectacular!!!    Obviously all are welcome, kids, dogs, cats and yes even partners. 🙂    It will be this Sunday the 14th of December 2008 and we shall meet at 6:30pm.    The idea is to just meet up and say hello to everyone before we discretely ask Clint to leave the party at 8pm so that we can capture a decent sunset.   Hopefully you can all make it, its been a fantastic photography year for all of us and we’ve all posted some amazing images so let’s celebrate that together.

Since most of us have met each other through our association with Christian he will be beaming down a special message via satellite TV dressed in a Santa suit (okay so this still has to be negotiated).

Anyhow it will be great to catch up the the Perth Landscape Photography Crew.

As for where?   Now that is a surprise and you’re going to have to checking back, the location will be posted in the next 24hrs.

Jamie Paterson

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Xavier’s Big Night Out


Hi Everyone,

Here is Xavier after a big night out.  Hope he doesn’t get too hung over!!!!    Okay so it was all setup but he did fall asleep like that and he just looked so damn cute!!!   So I had to get a shot of him and share it with everyone.   What a cool little guy he is. 🙂

Jamie Paterson