Cable Beach Reflections

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Funnily enough this would have to be one of my most favourite photos of the year so far.  Why?

Well because even though its not an intense sunset I can really relate to it because of the two ladies standing there staring out at the sunset.   I see in them the feelings that I would feel if I was standing there right now.   I was going to remove me them, but because they are there its easier to relive the feelings of an amazing Broome sunset.

Seeing them there invokes within me the feelings of contentment, amazement and joy.  Would you have left them in the photo as well?

I hope you guys enjoy the photo.   I’d love to hear your comments on it.



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  1. Chloe [Photographer] September 22, 2011 at 5:19 pm #

    when the photo is small you can’t tell what they are, but i agree with you they add an element to this shot that probably wouldnt be there without them

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