Lumahai Beach Glow

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I love this stunning beach, its in Kauai Hawaii, its called Lumahai Beach and I dedicate it to my amazing wife.   Normally I travel alone but on this occasion she was standing right next to me witnessing this amazing sunset.   This beach is special to me, its all about me and its what I’m all about.   Solidarity in a pure moment with no distractions.  You make my heart glow and bring a smile to my face, can’t ask for anymore and I certainly never will.  Life is all about moments whether they are fleeting or not, both good and bad.   The trick is to ensure there are more good moments than bad and its kind of hard not to be having a good moment when you’re surrounded by beauty like her and this.

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Ke’e Beach

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Its no secret that I love Hawaii and travel there often.  Its a magical place and if you’re willing to open your eyes and just let yourself go you’ll see so many photographic opportunities each and everyday.   I was fortunate enough to have my amazing wife Melissa on this trip with me.   We’d just share an amazing moment together off to the left of this photo and had started to head home when we saw this serene and beautiful scene if front of us.

I just love Hawaii, not only is it so picturesque but its also so peaceful and good for the soul.


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Tanker Surfing Gulf of Mexico

Recently, I was asked to join a group of guys who wanted to go tanker surfing in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’d seen some people do it in the Step into Liquid video years ago and thought it was cool then.  I never thought I’d have a chance to participate so how could I resist?   It was a tough trip with broken down planes and a long drive through the night to get from Austin to Galveston on time but we made it.

Was it worth the trip?  You bet it was, check out the sunrise we were presented while we were on our way out to the channel 30mins prior to our first tanker surf!   It was stunning and it was just a sign of things to come.

seascape photography

After the boys had a quick coffee to warm up a tanker came steaming past and it was time to hit the water with military precision as you typically don’t get a second chance to catch the waves.   Capt James Fulbright would go charging up to the waves do a quick 180 and the boys would have to jump off and start paddling like mad to catch the waves, with all of us on the boat yelling at them to paddle harder.   As you can see the conditions were amazing, absolutely no wind at all.

seascape photography, sunrise

So what is tanker surfing?   Its where you get to surf the wake created from a large ship typically like a tanker due to its hull shape and deep draft and you get to ride the wake for up to a couple of kilometers at a time.  A 5 to 6min ride on one wave is quite common, and normally you need to use a longboard to accommodate the waves produced.   For most people its an experience of a lifetime.

seascape photography

As its a straight wave its possible to get more than one surfer onto the waves.   Here are two of the boys enjoying the ride.

seascape photography

The boys all sharing another tanker surfing wave.  No competing for waves needed.

seascape photography

One of the guys with the wave all to himself.  Its also a great angle to show you how the guys use the wake of the ship to surf.

seascape photography

Was it fun and exciting?  Yes it was, and I’d do it all over again.  Now to work on my photos from Hawaii that I took on the way home.

Stay tuned!

Jamie Paterson



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Milky Way Kaleidoscope

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Its been an amazing and fantastic year!   There was a trip to Hawaii in October and I have another planned in the next few weeks.  I’ve had trips down in the Great Southern and up North and out East as well.  Mostly by myself but also with some special people such as Paul Pichugin.   Photography is a long and challenging journey and this year has certainly been challenging artistically.   I’ve tried to push myself so much further than before and I think its starting to pay dividends.

I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing and most importantly safe holiday season and I look forward to catching up with you all in 2013 either out there on the beach or at one of my two exhibitions!


Jamie Paterson

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Big Brook Dam Pemberton

impressionist photography, australian landscape photography, pemberton

A few weeks ago I managed to head down to Pemberton for a family weekend away and was joined by a very close friend as well.   Pemberton is one of those towns that I’ve driven through heaps and never really been captivated enough to stop and have a look around, despite the amount of great photos that I’ve seen come from the area.

For some inexplicable reason I was really motivated to take a trip out to Big Brook Dam and it was certainly worth it.  What caught my eye in this scene was all the different reflections, colours and dare I say it serenity of the moment.   Just being able to see straight into the bottom of the lake was fantastic.  About 5 mins after this shot was taken the morning wind picked up and ripples formed across the water wiping out all the reflections.  Talk about good timing.

So I’ll definitely be heading back down to Pemberton again especially in Winter, I can already see some frosty, foggy forest shots coming up!



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Midddle of Nowhere

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After a three hour drive to get away from Perth’s light pollution I ended up here and was totally blown away with just how many stars I could see.  I was able to see at least 30% more stars here than when I headed out to capture milky way shots with Paul Pichugin a few months ago.

I was trying out a new camera for the first time as well and the ISO sensitivity was unbelievable!   On one of my shots I kept getting an orange cast and I couldn’t work out why, after looking around it was a tiny orange light about 150M away that was illuminating a letterbox.

Eventually, I had to move on as Farmer Bob was swinging a spotlight around in one of the fields which didn’t bother me too much until I heard rifle shots.  I wasn’t sticking around to be mistaken for something that shouldn’t have been there.





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Evening Glow

kauai beaches, seascape photography, ke'e beach

Evening Glow::

I was in Kauai and had just finished shooting the sunset at the Na Pali coastline. The breeze was blowing softly with a slight misty rain falling upon my face. It was a beautiful feeling and it was my second last night in Hawaii. I just didn’t think things could get any better.

After walking around the corner back to Ke’e Beach the sky lit up again with this stunning afterglow. Simply incredible!

Its good to be alive and experience these things.



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Leighton Beach Dreams

seascape photography, impressionist photography, australian landscape photography

Another place, another time, swaying in the wind, today you’re mine.

The gateway to my beloved place, past you I often race.

You call you beckon, I stop for a second.

I still need to get down to my beloved ocean

But today is different, just quickly

I’ll capture and admire your motion.

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Drifting, Dreaming, Seeing

seascape photography, australian beach photography, leighton beach

One of the great things about being an artist and seascape photographer is that I get to see things others don’t. People spend so much time simply looking at things and not taking the time to truly see them. Its my privilege to show people there is a whole other world to see if you stop and allow yourself to see it.

I get to take the time to look at everyday objects and ponder what they mean to me? How do they make me feel? Just by asking those two questions alone I get to see what others don’t.

Use your heart to see things sometimes and not your eyes and you will find an amazing new world right in front of you.
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Windy Harbour

seascape photography, australian landscape photography, australian beach photography

Have you ever had one of those days that were just perfect? This photo was taken on one of those days down in Windy Harbour, which happens to be one of the prettiest spots I’ve ever seen on the South West coast.  I had my family with me, my two boys were running through the water and my wife, my beautiful, glorious wife was just glowing in the sunshine.

My best friend was there just contemplating life as well. I’m a lucky guy.

This photo will remind me of that day for ever. I am so grateful.  It was also taken on my brand new camera, I have to admit I didn’t want to stop shooting with my Canon 1Ds MkIII but this new one quite literally blows it out of the water.



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