Seascape Photographer – Jamie Paterson

Before seascape photography, and landscape photography, Jamie started out as a Fashion photographer which gave him an amazing understanding of light both in studio and outdoors, it was probably the best grounding for his journey as a Seascape photographer.  He shot fashion for 3yrs until one day he discovered the joy of standing at the edge of the Ocean looking out into its depths and he never looked back.


Renowned for doing all that it takes to get the best shot possible, Jamie can often be found at times waist deep in water as a wave comes crashing over a rock and soaking him.


Jamie is strongly influenced by abstract and impressionist painters often preferring to focus more on the emotion of the moment than the surrounding details.


You see me for who I am,
As your waves crash here I stand.

My yearning for you a constant in my days,
Your beauty forever determining my ways.